On September 20, 2017, Hurricane María struck Puerto Rico destroying more than 400,000 homes. Thousands of families across the island were left under the shelter of temporary blue tarps. A desire to reinvent ourselves and contribute to our people led us to the idea of upcycling these tarps that would otherwise become waste, and create a useful item that continues to help people in need. This is how Blueroof Puerto Rico was born, creating a line of reusable bags made from removed tarps after Hurricane María. For each tarp bag purchased Blueroof makes a donation to local organizations actively working in housing reconstruction.



Since our beginnings our project and vision has grown. We firmly believe in the upcycling movement, reason why we started working with new materials such as recycled mesh banner in our Aurora Collection. We have also taken steps towards becoming a distributor of new eco-friendly products aligned with our views and goals towards a greener planet.